food, time, work, fans

Lover: Thanks for your time, I’ve tried cooking this meal for you but I’m not sure you’ll like it. I can’t cook Korean – I mean I haven’t tried.

Ji-won: That’s so nice of you, it looks delicious. I like trying different foods. When in Australia haha. Is this potato?

Lover: Yes it’s potato au gratin, and this is chicken stuffed with avocado, takes me back to my restaurant days, years ago. I hope you like the sauce.

Ji-won: Mmmm, yes it’s – delicate. You shouldn’t have gone to such trouble, thank you.

Lover: I’m not vegetarian, I’m afraid. I don’t know if you are.

Ji-won: Ummm. Should I be? Would you like me to be haha?

Lover: Well, I’d like to be. I feel I should be. I’m waiting for the meatless burger to come to Australia.

Ji-won: The meatless burger?

Lover: Yes, it exists, but not here yet. Not for a long time I suspect. The meat industry is wasteful and cruel, you see.

Ji-won: Yes, yes I see. Is that what you wanted to talk to me about?

Lover: Well no, not really. I mean, I want to talk to you about everything. To hold your attention so to be with you. To dominate your time, shamefully.

Ji-won: Ha, I’m an actor, my time is precious. So many roles to play, to explore, before it’s too late. But I have time for you now. Is there anything you want to talk about first?

Lover: About you. I’ve been looking at your work, or trying to look at it, from the early days, but so much of it isn’t translated into English, and I know no Korean.

Ji-won: Haha well it’s great that we can talk to each other without any language barriers here, in the world of fiction.

Lover: I want to look at your work as more than just a fan. That’s short for fanatic you know.

Ji-won: You’re not a fanatic of mine? Haha how disappointing. What’s this all about then?

Lover: I don’t want to be a fanatic, and yet here I am. It worries me. Do you have any advice?

Ji-won: Mmmm, forget about me? Turn your back on me?

Lover: But you don’t really mean that Ji-won. You’re always exhorting your fans to watch your stuff, watch the next movie, watch the next series, tell your friends…

Ji-won: You think that’s shallow? Egotistic? I don’t want them to devote their lives to me. Just to watch my work. Occasionally. It’ll be fun. I do it for them.

Lover: They’re fans, Jiwon. Fanatics, remember?

Ji-won: Are we having an argument, haha? I haven’t had one of those in a while. I think the word ‘fan’ has changed its meaning. They’re not zombies.

Lover: Well, maybe it means something different in Korean. Okay, I’ve looked at Truth Game, your first movie, though you did one important series before that, and some appearances. Anyway, it’s the earliest work of yours available with English subs. Here in Australia. Welcome to Australia by the way.

Ji-won: Thank you.

Lover: Be careful of our sun, it might wreck your youthful skin.

Ji-won: I think we have the same sun in Korea hahaha.

Lover: Brilliant, you’re an astronomer! Truth Game wasn’t a bad film, and of course you were excellent.

Ji-won: Well, thank you, it was an important beginning for me in movies. I mean, sort of decisive, because it was a demanding role.


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